Have you experienced the loss of a baby?

Are you planning your next pregnancy after loss?

Are you currently pregnant with your rainbow?

Do you have your rainbow here safe and sound?



I am pleased that you have found yourself here, and I offer you a warm and gentle welcome to my website.

I am Helen, I am Mummy to two beautiful little girls. Daisy who was stillborn in 2009, and Olivia who was born in 2014. Being pregnant, and being a parent is hard work, in fact quite often getting pregnant isn’t all that easy either.

But doing all of this after the loss of a baby or babies is incredibly hard.
I remember being so incredibly focused on having a successful pregnancy with a happy ending, that I forgot to focus on what the birth might be like, or what motherhood would be like when my baby arrived. I shut myself off from services and support because I didn’t want to be ‘that mother’ who spoke of the baby she’d lost and upset everyone else. And quite frankly, outside of what the medical profession offered, I didn’t know where to look either. 

I had a text book pregnancy and birth, so why was I left feeling traumatised and suffering with postnatal depression?
The answer is because I hadn’t really worked through the loss of Daisy. Because I felt shame and guilt at ‘not being happy’. Because I looked at this beautiful baby and couldn’t bond with her. Because I spent months in a high state of alert and anxiety that something terrible would happen to her. And I suffered in silence because if I said something I thought I would be classed as an unfit mother and my baby would be taken away.

But it doesn’t have to be like this
I want to help you have a beautiful, gentle and happy (yes I know I said happy) pregnancy and birth after loss. You can enjoy those early days with your baby and the following years with joy and love in your heart. And you can do all of this without ever forgetting the baby or babies that you have lost. In fact they can feature as much in your life as you wish.

I bring to you my experience as a bereaved parent, and that experience comes with empathy, understanding, and gentleness. My knowledge is from a holistic perspective, I practice reiki, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, meditation and mindfulness. I am bringing all this together to offer wellbeing and support to help you through any stage of pregnancy and parenthood after loss.

 Helen xxx