Bespoke Healing Meditations

Tailored just for you

Do you find your grief some days is just too much to handle?

Are you pregnant and finding it difficult to relax, feel calm and enjoy this special time?

Are you a new Mum and finding it hard to connect with your baby, family, friends, anyone?

Are some days just too much to handle and you feel like you need to escape and just breathe?

There are some amazing meditations available out there, but one meditation doesn’t fit all. I wanted to bring something really special that would enable you to experience some beautiful healing energy especially tailored for you in this moment.

This service is for you if you would like my support to help you through your baby loss journey. No matter where you are on that journey. I will work with you to establish what support you need right now.

I will work with you on a one to one basis and they are delivered live via video calling or phone. I will guide you through a completely personal meditation, which will last around 15-20 minutes. And we can focus on absolutely anything that is coming up for you right now in terms of feelings, emotions or just life in general. It will help you to relax and allow you to gently and calmly process some of those feelings and transform you, re-energise you, and reconnect you with love and gentleness.

I will guide you through breath work, complete relaxation and then in to your unique messages and personal meditation, before gently bringing you back to the present.

The meditation will also be recorded and will be sent to you so you can keep it for future use.

When you sign up for the Bespoke Healing Meditation, you will be asked to complete a form stating what you would like help with, or what is coming up for you right now. Based on that information I will also bring the beautiful healing energy of crystal’s and Reiki to the meditation. Both of these practices can be sent remotely and you will receive the full benefit of these during our call.

You do not have to know anything or have tried any of these practices before to enjoy this beautifully gentle, relaxing and healing experience.

These sessions are not a form of counselling, neither are they a replacement for any formal support, or medication. You should always seek advice from your GP or medical practitioner if in any doubt. These sessions will however work really well alongside, and will not interfere with any support you already receiving.

£45 each

Each session includes

one to one support

distance reiki healing

distance crystal therapy

bespoke live meditation lasting 15-20 minutes

recording of the meditation 

complete guided relaxation

personalised messages that are unique to you right now

calm and gentle experience

£99 to block book 3 sessions
Must be taken within three months of booking

£300 to block book 10 sessions 
Includes a beautiful gift box including personally selected crystals and items relevant to the overall reason behind your booking.

Useful in particular during pregnancy, when trying to conceive, or to work through your grief.
Must be taken within nine months of booking.
Payment plan can be arranged.

Multiple session bookings will be treated exactly as if you had booked them individually, each one personalised and a recording sent to you following the session.

To book or to make an enquiry please email using the contact form below.

Alternatively please call Helen on 07860 362947

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Frequently asked questions
I’ve never meditated before, will I benefit from and be able to do these sessions?
Yes, you do not need to have meditated before. I will be guiding and talking you through the whole experience. All you need to do is have approximately 30 minutes free for the call, and have somewhere comfy to relax with no interruptions.

I lost my baby a long time ago, can I still do these sessions?
Yes, there is no time limit on when you experienced your loss. The beauty of these sessions is that they are entirely personalised to you and your circumstances.

I’m currently having counselling and/or support from another source, is it OK for me to do these sessions?
Yes, the process is completely relaxing and won’t interfere with any other support or medical assistance or prescriptions.

I don’t really understand or know anything about meditation, reiki or crystal therapy, will I still benefit?
Yes, the beauty of anything like this is it works on what it needs to. Obviously it would be good for you to feel open to receiving whatever healing is being offered. But simply by saying you would like to book a session, making an enquiry, or even just considering it you are opening to receiving. I will send information out prior to the session, however if you would like more information regarding any of the process please contact me using the form above and I will be happy to help.